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screen printing machine manufacturers In China
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screen printing machine manufacturers In China

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Automatic non-stop cylinder screen printing machine is the basis of our experience in the manufacture of reciprocating roller screen printing machine, the absorption of the latest technology and design at home and abroad, absorbing innovation after the launch of a currently the most advanced models. The parts are made of imported precision machine tools, and the key components are imported directly, which ensures the reliable design of their unique designs and functions. Is the packaging printing industry (paper, cardboard, stickers, PVC films), ceramic decals (ceramics, lottery, scratch silver trademark printing) and electronic industry (soft circuit board, flexible thin film switch) printing high-end product requirements of high precision and high efficiency of the ideal equipment.
Properties and characteristics
1. Automatic feeding printing, drying and collecting. Save labors and overcome restranits caused by weather conditions.
2. With balanced pressure, with high ink thickness. Suitable for printing on high-quality non-woven products.
3. Applied to various sizes of printing screen frames.
4. Big-size printing area to print multiply layouts. Improve work efficiency,
5. Before and after full page printing, effective space between images can be reduced to minimum 1 cm.
6. High precision of printing controlled by servo motor,
7. Connected with non-woven bag making machine to produce the bag automatically. Grreatly improve work efficiency,


Add:  No.72 shiluan road, yuhua district, shijiazhuang city, hebei province, China.
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