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full automatic screen printing machine for sale
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full automatic screen printing machine for sale

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full automatic screen printing machine  application:
This machine is mainly used for printing: mobile phone touch screen, light guide OGS/TP/CG/LTD glass, PCB, LCD, liquid green oil, cold light film, film, keyboard, acrylic, mobile phone panel, touch Precision screen printing of control panels, light guides, diffusers, nameplate signs, ceramics, stationery, and small film/sheet/plate products, such as flexible circuit (FPC), in-mold decoration (IMD), film buttons ( Membrane Switch), bio-test strips, etc.
full automatic screen printing machine Feature:
1. The screen frame lifting is driven by a cylinder, combined with a high-performance guide column. The frame is lifted and guided by a guide column. The printing is smoother and the printing precision is higher.
2. The print head e adopts stepping motor, which is fast in operation, accurate in positioning, and digitally set the stroke/speed/direction.
3. The printing holder is made of one-piece cast aluminum and has a simple structure. The tool holder is guided by the cylinder and the guide column, which is stable and smooth and has high precision. The scraper and the ink blade are integrally formed by drawing aluminum, and the structure is simple, convenient to use and stable in performance.
 4. The turntable workbench is driven by Taiwan's precision cam splitter. The precise positioning speed is repeated, the micrometer of the worktable is fine-tuned (stroke ±6mm), the vacuum suction platen is accurate, and the product is loosened during the rotation process. The turntable is integrally formed of cast aluminum, which has stable structure and superior rigidity, and the flatness accuracy of the table is 0.1mm.
5. Robotic blanking: configurable robotic blanking, reduce productivity, improve production efficiency, machine and production line docking, direct feeding to the production line, can be customized according to customer requirements.
6. Using advanced control PLC control, human-machine interface digital control, can set a variety of functions and operating parameters, conducive to operational data and standardization, humane.
7. Can be installed with safety rods, safety light curtains, and carefully protect the operator's personal safety.
8. The oil-free filter water regulating group does not produce exhaust oil mist pollution and is suitable for use in clean rooms.
9 Function program settings storage function, keep in mind, convenient for next use.


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