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What is the difference between digital proofing and traditional proofing?
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What is the difference between digital proofing and traditional proofing?

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Digital proofing technology(Screen printing machine) is one of the hottest technologies in the prepress field in recent years. The so-called digital proofing is to print the page (or printed sheet) data of the color desktop system directly through the color printer (inkjet, laser or other means) without any form of simulation means to check the image page of the prepress process. Quality, provide reference proofs for the printing process, and provide users with the basis for signature printing.


    This kind of digital proofing technology is not simply to print and output color proofs, but through complex color management software, the output samples can reproduce the matching print proofs, including paper, ink and printability. similar.


    For a long time, whether the effect of digital proofing is consistent with the simulated printing effect is the main goal pursued by various digital proofing color management systems (CMS). Now the digital proofing system can not only output the FM dot structure and the continuous tone proof, but also output the same sample (the dot line number, the dot shape, the dot angle and the dot area) of the amplitude modulation dot structure sample. In this way, even if the color separation sheet or the printing plate has not been printed yet, the actual printing effect can be seen from the sample, including whether there is a moiré, whether there is a rose plaque, etc., and the WYSIWYG is truly achieved.


    Whether the digital proofing system can be applied in the prepress field, in addition to the color, level, definition, and even the dot gain rate, can be reproduced, mainly depends on the stability, consistency, output speed, and output of the system. Based on the size of the screen, system investment, consumables cost and many other factors, people are comparing digital proofing and traditional proofing.


    After several years of development, the digital proofing system's output printer hard performance and supporting digital proofing color management system and RIP, etc., have been significantly improved. Especially this year, after the digital proofing system breaks through the bottleneck of output speed, this should be the beginning of the real popularity of digital proofing technology in China's prepress field.


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