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What are the advantages of Screen printing machine ?
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What are the advantages of Screen printing machine ?

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Screen printing Machine characteristics:
1:The printing platform is horizontal in and out, and the material are safe;
2:Printing plate positioning standard accuracy error 0.005mm below ;
3:Double axis squeegee ,In the process of scraping, the pressure applied to the print by the squeegee is more uniform, and the printing effect is high and close ,Carefully developed squeegee constant pressure mechanism adopts ball pumping and weighing induction mode,Different from general air pressure type constant voltage device
Advanced automatic tension adjustment system , Avoid sticking plates and shadows , But there is no general synchronization shortcomings ,Because of this kind of direct stretch cloth ,The act of leaving the fabric away from the print ,This may lead to an increase in the amount of deformation of the fabric ,Causing confusion or displacement of an ink image ,Frequency converter drive control, squeegee speed is stable and easy to adjust .
The advantages of screen printing:
Screen printing is the process of forcing ink through a screen with a stencil blocking off desired areas. Also known as silk-screen printing, screen printing is one of the many printing techniques available.
Better Quality That Lasts
One of the main advantages to screen printing is the vivid results it creates. The overall print quality of screen printing is generally considered higher than other types of printing. Furthermore, screen printing is a versatile printing option that works well on various objects and materials. On garments, the heat-dried ink used in screen printing is tough enough to handle repeat washings without fading or cracking.
Varying Price Range
Several factors affect the price of screen printing, and you should consider each aspect beforehand. Screen printing items yourself is generally a cheaper option when weighed against other home printing methods. However, when you hire a professional company to perform the task for you, the price can be a bit high, especially for small orders. This is usually due to a setup fee that the company charges in order to prepare the screens for printing the various colors. Screen printing is typically less expensive for larger orders.


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