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Screen Printing Machine manufacturers
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Screen Printing Machine manufacturers

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Screen Printing Machine manufacturers

shine machinery  is one of the Leading exporters and suppliers of Semi Automatic Screen Printing Machine. Superior print quality, ease of adjustments, simple operation for multicolor are some of the reasons why our Machines are the most trusted ones of the Printing industry.

Superior print quality only person required to operate the machine.

Easy adjustments & simple operation for multicolour.

Short or longer squeeze strokes are easily available by the rod length adjustment.

Variable speed is available by the step less hand wheel speed changer. Printing rotation is also freely adjustable by the timer setting.

Foot switch for stooping and running machine.

Vacuum suction of paper for perfect alignment.

Vacuum cut off automatically.

Vacuum table is vertically adjustable Forward, Backward, Left, Right, 


1)This silk screen printer series are widely used in the electronics, advertising, package printing, sports equipment, toys, stationary gifts, metal processing industries.

2)Suitable for printing on all kinds of flat materials, print on metal, glass, wood, paper, plastics, membranes switch, PCB, PET,DC card, nameplate ,also printing on bags, non-woven fabrics, ceramic decals, glazing plate glass, light guide plate, PET heating transfer film, label and panel , refrigerator and air-conditioner decals, plastic sheet, and other products with the material of  PVC, which have high requirement in overprinting.


Add:  No.72 shiluan road, yuhua district, shijiazhuang city, hebei province, China.
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