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Screen Printing Machine For Sale In China
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Screen Printing Machine For Sale In China

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Screen Printing Machine Application:
1)This silk screen printer series are widely used in the electronics, advertising, package printing, sports equipment, toys, stationary gifts, metal processing industries.
2)Suitable for printing on all kinds of flat materials, print on metal, glass, wood, paper, plastics, membranes switch, PCB, PET,DC card, nameplate ,also printing on bags, non-woven fabrics, ceramic decals, glazing plate glass, light guide plate, PET heating transfer film, label and panel , refrigerator and air-conditioner decals, plastic sheet, and other products with the material of  PVC, which have high requirement in overprinting.
1. The squeegee printing system is designed in rail struction, which ensures extremely stable printing
2. New pneumatically printing head lifting design, provides convenient replacement and cleaning of squeegee, spatula or screen plate.
3. Printing stroke can be adjusted laterally to suit various screen plate sizes.
4. Equipped with shock absorber, provideing precise and stable operation for multi-color printing.
5. The worktable is radially designed to provide powerful suction result.
6. The printing table is equipped with 3 sets of micro-metric adjustment knobs for precision alignment of printing in vertical, transversal and angular directions.
Why choose us:
1.We are the screen printing machine manufacturer for more than years experience.
2. screen printing machine CE certified
3. Experienced international sales team, skilled in international business for many years.


Add:  No.72 shiluan road, yuhua district, shijiazhuang city, hebei province, China.
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