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Multicolor Machine Series for sale
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Multicolor Machine Series for sale

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HYD Multicolor Machine Series Products advantage:

  With special plate structure, stable operation, high registration precision.
  Exchange plate quickly, only need few second, one-click operation automatically keep the plate balance.Various printing application for cut-pieces,garments etc.
  The beam made form sheet metal, more stable and solid than traditional aluminum structure.
  There are independent print and reset Multi-function operation panel and independent print/flood speed controls on each printing head to make setup and operation fast and easy.
  Clean the screen frame by lifting the printing head, do not need to take the take the frame off.
  Lower the production cost, large,medium and small mesh frame arbitrary interchange, without any waste of the existing screen frame.
  Servo system, high precision color registration.Tolerance±0.01mm.High efficiency, lower power consumption, energy saving and environment protection.
  Colorized intelligent touching screen, HMI in Chinese and English, with intuitive and convenient operation.
  High quality for all parts, running FAI&CPK in processing, ensure the dimension is qualified, the machine structure performance is good.
  With special welding process and accurate machining work, machine working life more than years.  
1. The screen printing powered by imported servo motor, printing more stable.
2. A variety of accessories by the customer freedom of choice, choose more flexible.
3. Hard alumina Taiwan version and more effective to prevent the glass scratches.
4. Touch screen controls, a variety of fine-tuning the details can be precisely controlled.


Add:  No.72 shiluan road, yuhua district, shijiazhuang city, hebei province, China.
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