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Method for reducing the difference in color between print sizes
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Method for reducing the difference in color between print sizes

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The process of printing orders is:

    After reviewing the sample, confirm the sample, confirm the release of the sample, and confirm the formal production.

    The difference in size and color is mainly seen in the process of placing the sample. For this problem, the following method can be used.

    (1) Improve the basic work: the various dyes will be tested in monochrome lifting rate, the laboratory will be manually scratched and the machine will be scraped and printed to make a sample; several kinds of dyes will be randomly selected from various dyes. Steaming, machine printing small steamer steaming, hand-printing steaming box steaming, hand-printing steaming box steaming, while doing machine printing machine washing, machine printing hand washing, fingerprint printing machine washing, hand-printing hand washing and other comparative tests, and Into a sample. Combining these samples for analysis, we can find out the color ratio of fingerprints and machine prints, as well as the difference between large steamer steaming and small steamer steaming, manual washing and machine washing.

    (2) Add a machine to scrape the sample process: add a machine scraping sample program between the sample confirmation and the sample process.

    (3) Strict control of controllable factors: There are many controllable factors between printing samples and large production, such as dyes, additives, names, strengths, origins; original paste-making methods and pulp ratios, original paste types Wait.

    The simple control method for these factors is: after confirming the sample, according to the formula of the sample and the color ratio of the integrated fingerprint and machine printing, formulate the anti-scratch formula on the machine, and prepare the color paste according to the width of each color printing l5-20 cm; The quantity of printed color is calculated by cutting the blank silk on the printing guide belt, and authorizing a piece of the swatching plate, adding the pulp to start the squeegee, drying the squeegee, steaming, washing, ironing, adjusting the formula and then smearing until all The color numbers are all up to the sample. Generally, it can be done once by experience. The individual color numbers need to be adjusted 1 or 2 times. The sample on the machine does not occupy the production time of the official machine printing, but uses the production auxiliary time to achieve the scientific and economical effect. Strict control of various controllable factors between large production and samples has a great effect in actual production.

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