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How to solve the problem of screen printer failure?
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How to solve the problem of screen printer failure?

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In the use of screen printing machine will inevitably encounter such problems, then when we encounter these problems, how to solve it, in order to let everyone save unnecessary trouble, I will introduce some screens The common problem of the printing machine and its solution, I hope to help everyone.

First, the machine does not work when it is semi-automatic.

1, check the power.

       2. View the foot switch and start button.

        3. Check if the controller and inverter are alarming.

Second, the machine slows down or gets stuck in the rising middle position.

       1, most of the faults are caused by lack of oil in the upper and lower sliders.

       2, the motor time is long, resulting in lower motor power, need to pull the motor.

Third, the machine does not move on the right.

       1. Left and right inverter alarms.

        2. The machine potentiometer is faulty, and the new potentiometer and governor are added.

Fourth, the cylinder action is slow.

This type of failure is caused by the control of the solenoid valve or cylinder due to water ingress or aging. Need to add new solenoid valves or cylinders.

5. Manual and semi-automatic all do not work.

       This type of fault burns out the machine's switching power supply and adds a new switching power supply.

6. When the semi-automatic work is done, the foot slide switch is lowered, and the printing seat does not move after moving to the left.

The cause of this failure is that the proximity switch on the left side of the cross slide is not sensed or has a problem.

7. The work surface is running but not inhaling.

The cause of such failure is also caused by poor solenoid valve or poor suction cylinder.

Eight, automatic, semi-self-start does not fall.

Such a fault occurs when the proximity switch on the right side of the cross slide is faulty or not sensed, the selector switch is faulty, and the single-action switch interlocking point is damaged. The solution is to adjust the proximity switch induction or replace the right proximity switch, replace or repair the selector switch and Single action switch.

Nine, automatically can not start.

Such faults are caused by poor upper and lower proximity switches or alarms from up and down inverters.

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