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How to improve the accuracy of print proofing
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How to improve the accuracy of print proofing

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Proofing is the main process in the printing workshop. The accuracy of proofing is related to the level of production efficiency.


    (1) Prototype: The purpose of the sample is to let the customer confirm and do some preparatory work before proofing.


    1 For the printing list issued by the business department, the sample should be reviewed first, and the appropriate dye should be selected according to different requirements of the customer, such as light source, fastness, finishing, etc., and a reasonable process should be formulated. Proofing cloth must be consistent with large production. For special requirements such as bleaching cloth, bleaching semi-finished products must be used to improve the accuracy of the imitation; if there are varieties that require chlorine-resistant water, such as swimwear and hospital protective equipment, Chlorine dyes are color-matched; for processes that require anti-printing, overprinting, and dyeing, it is necessary to select the appropriate dyes and additives. If the process changes, you must re-sample and the proofing formula cannot be mixed.

    2 to confirm the sample. The original samples provided by the customer usually have the following conditions.


    a. Fabric tissue is different from large production. In this case, you should play a few different color samples with different shades and different shades of light. The three, A, B, and C are not the same for customers to choose.


    b. The original sample is a printed paper layout, sometimes with a luster, sometimes with lines on the color. The light color is generally easy to proof, and it is difficult to match the thick and bright light. It can only be used for a few more confirmations. The paper has lines on it, and it can be seen as a whole.


    c. The original sample is a yarn, sometimes a yarn, sometimes a plurality of yarns, one of which is relatively easy to be a sample, and a plurality of ones are regarded as a whole, and a large effect can be obtained.


    d. If there are positive and negative, you should confirm with the customer and then proof, so as not to delay production.


    3 In the proof color card provided by the customer, there are generally light source requirements, such as natural daylight, D65 light, TL. , CWF, uV, etc.


    a. Use standard light boxes, especially those that comply with international standards, to reduce the chromatic aberration caused by different light sources.


    b. Sometimes customers require two sources: the primary source and the secondary source. In this case, it is easy to produce obvious jump light problems, and the main light source should be the main one. Because the dye structure is different, the light source is different, the reflectivity is different, and the dyes with good compatibility and similar dyeability are selected. For example, when the green color is mixed, the reactive blue K-GL and the active yellow K-6G are more than the reactive blue K-GL and yellow K. —RN is good.


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