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HYA Thick Material Series
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HYA Thick Material Series

Mainly used for printing materials with thickness (0.04-0.5mm)

HYA Thick Material Series cope of application:

button panel, film injection molding and printing of various transfer paper.

HYA Thick Material Series Optional function:

a.  no scratch function;

b. UV light curing machine;

c. winding and installing isolation paper.

HYA Thick Material Series Advantages:

◆ The electrical system adopts imported products, which are reliable and durable;

◆ Imported PLC control operation, Chinese man-machine interface operation, convenient setting;

◆ The overall version of the screen is chasing the edge, the adjustment is fast, convenient and accurate.

◆ Platform material suspension technology to effectively solve scratches;

◆ The printing mechanism is vertical lifting, which is convenient for the maintenance of screen and scraper;

◆ Automatically tear film, remove dust and remove static electricity;

◆ Anti-drip function to improve the uniformity of the ink layer.

Product specifications and technical parameters:

Model HYA56HYA58HYA215HYA610
Maximum printing area(mm) 500×620500×820500×1220500×1020
Maximum frame size(mm) 820×1020800×1220800×1630880×1430
Workbench size(mm) 590×800590×1000590×1400690×1300
Print thickness(mm) 0.04-0.50.04-0.50.04-0.50.04-0.51
Instant off-grid height(mm) 0-100-100-100-10
Maximum winding diameter(mm) 500500500500
Maximum feed width(mm) 530530530630
Maximum printing speed(mm/m) 13000150001800015000
Power supply 3N-50Hz 380V
3N-50Hz 380V
3N-50Hz 380V
3N-50Hz 380V
Air source pressure(Mpa) 0.5-0.60.5-0.60.5-0.60.5-0.6
Dimensions L×W×H(mm) 6500×1020×17957000×1000×15608000×1150×15607000×1150×1560
Machine weight(Kg) 3900395042004200

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