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Global 3D printing personalization setting control cost
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Global 3D printing personalization setting control cost

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3D printing (3DP), a high-speed molding technique, is based on numerical model documents and produces objects by sequential printing using bondable materials such as powdered metals or plastics.
3D printing is a material printing to carry out digital manufacturing, and in the fields of mold manufacturing, industrial design, etc., it has previously been used for direct manufacturing of various products. This technology is used in jewelry, shoes, industrial design, buildings, process and construction (AEC), automotive, aircraft, aviation, education, geographic information systems, civil engineering and all other fields.
3D printing is an industrial technology revolution specialized in one field, and it is "China manufacturing 2025", that is, "industry 4.0", and 3D printing is for specialization, complication, high reliability. It is. Such standardization, quantification and refinement are combined.
3D printing is a customized magic wand. It comes from children, clothes, food, furniture and other features. In the future, 3D printing can be performed. 3D printing is gradually becoming pervasive in everyday life as new materials are uninterrupted and prices are balanced.
Such manufacturing methods may be forced to be cut off, as it is not known to many as possible. Let's create one possibility of new manufacturing methods: 1% to 6,000 yuan, 5% to 3 million yuan, 10% to 6 million yuan.
A broadband internet network company can print out a building model in a short and easy way in a convincing manner, and by using a building model and a building box in it, the efficiency can be improved by 90% or more . The shape of the structure is more precisely, in particular in some of the deformed structures.
The user need only provide a diagram showing the position of the front, back and sides, which can be quickly converted into three data with close to 100% similarity.
The need to enable 3D printing to change the design on paper in order to draw attention from all over the world because 3D printing can create such attractive features of real goods It is done. Similarly, the individual designs of 3D printing have very large differences in print making processes and general making processes.
3D printing is also very clear as an up-to-date manufacturing process, which may be even more novel and free in a structured realization. For example, 3D coloring can specify a three-dimensionally saturated shape or change various complex structures.
Although the design of the tool when using 3D printing is not accurate, cooling is particularly sensible and can increase manufacturing efficiency.
The flyer cover is comparable to 3D printing and is a direct use of more than 3000 sheets. The future of 3D printing, assuming home or small size, was supposed to produce some decorations for manufacturers, toys for children. We are going to start a full toy, now we are going to start these toys. In the future, it is toy design.
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