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Automatic Screen Printing Machine for sale
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Automatic Screen Printing Machine for sale

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Automatic Screen Printing Machine summary:

The machine is special designed for printing stationery ruler with high speed and automatic. Building up printing and conveying system by high precision servo motor and cam divider to finish printing automatically, reduce labor, improving efficiency. 

Automatic Screen Printing Machine Advantage

1,Arch bridge type suspending direct-connected scraper.

2,Print head with the programmable and suspending self-adjusting stepper motor drive.

3,Four wheel positioning slide type with bilateral double sliders ensures the moving accuracy and stability when scraper is running back and forth.

4,Unique belt transmission system avoids being stuck or fall-off of PCB.

5,Programmable motor controls transport speed and puts PCB in the precise position.

6,The unit to clean is separated from CCD camera, which can minimize the load of motor and impulse, improve the positioning precision and speed and extend the service life.

7,With servo motor and lead screw, the direct connection UVW platform is featured with high precision, high rigidity and compact structure.

HY-Z57 Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Technical Parameter:

1.  Fully automatic, no need person to operate.

2.  Locating automatically to keep printing precision. 

3.  No product without printing system, keep printing stable. 

4.  High and strong vacuum system, keep printing precision.

5.  Printing and returning ink speed can be adjusted, working stably with long life. 

6.  The four angle of screen frame holder can be adjusted, keep the balance between screen frame and worktable, also make sure the layer of printing ink is even. Printing angle, printing pressure and screen distance are easy to set. The change of squeegee and flood bar is controlled by precision guide, keeping the vertical precision, working smoothly. 

7. With emergency switch to keep safe and stable.

8. Locating several workstations by Taiwan precision rotary locating with stable, fast, improving efficiency. 

9. with the function of preventing printing head and screen frame holder knocked together automatically. (when printing stroke set is wrong, it can prevent from knocking together). Save date automatically.


Add:  No.72 shiluan road, yuhua district, shijiazhuang city, hebei province, China.
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