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2018 Global Packaging Industry Presentation Five Majors
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2018 Global Packaging Industry Presentation Five Majors

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So far, analysis of packaging for packaging in the global packaging market in 2018 has been published. Commercial products are to be subjected to vibratory packaging in order to enhance the consumers of their customers, and therefore it is desirable to adopt packaging defined briefly in the design of products. Below, marine protection is associated with packaged goods; the form of the packaging is actually an important factor for selecting the goods that sell those goods. Organizer and consumer requirements.

English conversation global packaging is an important point for monitoring large satellites, which is sufficient for customers. This is due to the fundamental reason that the future one year packaging industry is successful.

 poten 1 consumption philosophy demand culture

In 2018, it has been continuously developed as an initiative for consumers to continuously expand product packaging. It does not have to be as complicated, and to solve the packaging problem, the retailer may be aimed at preventing consumer consumption and preserving food.

For example, it is believed that the use of vacuum packaging can significantly extend the packaging of water and vegetables. However, such packaging processes are advantageous for food safety.

Impact of 2 network costs

The second reason for the 2018 packaging market is that the increase in network purchases in 2018 has a major impact. The physical interactions taking place are not lost in the current network buyer environment.

Thus, it was believed that product sales had spent a considerable amount of time and time for vigorous manufacturing. More importantly, reflecting these truths does not require the purchase of goods in their manufacturing and sales chain. This is important for the product manufacturer to decide how to package the product.

We receive tide 3 ocean change

This is because the third factor developed in the packaging industry in 2018 was perceived to be marine pollution. Special studies have shown that packaging is used to recover plastic from the ocean, or that packaging waste is reduced to enter the ocean.

The problem of marine plastic contamination recognizes that there are further interactions for product packaging, protective packaging, product packaging and for interactions among them. Such a statement can prevent more packaging from being consumed.

Trend 4, minimalism at that time

In such a fierce market competition, brand owners may consider providing quality product packaging the best way to attract the attention of consumers. The proof is negative. The “Clean Label 2.0” described in the report suggests that the brand should not encourage information accumulation and adoption of minimalist design.

Lu Tengboge believes that some brands may be concerned that packaging deductions may not provide enough information to consumers, but in fact, too much product information has the opposite effect It may be. By selectively emphasizing the most important information about a product on packaging, consumers will not be well-benefit and will not feel that the information is "overload".

The brand thinks that there are many good instructions for the product that the consumer is interested in. So, they constantly add one product description one by one until the product packaging is soiled, so a design principle called "essentialism" emerges.

Trend 5 Modern Design Recovery

According to research, the current consumption of young consumers in physical stores such as shopping malls is decreasing, and prefers to explore shopping destinations such as fresh frozen food. Therefore, applying elements of transparent material, modern design, recyclability, or distinctive shape to the package to refresh the brand image and representing the product's health characteristics, these young consumers are the real shops of the shopping center It may be attracted to

Lutenberg says that modern packaging design is recovering, brands adopt different formats, look at essential design principles, and apply these principles to young consumers these large physical I think we should show the store. Provide fresh, healthy and better food.


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